Infant/Toddler/Preschool Care

For information about the Infant, Toddler or Preschool programs, please send an email to Kelly Tennent at

Infant Program

Our infant program provides care for infants from 6 weeks through 12 months of age. The main goal of our infant program is to provide a safe, nurtuing and stimulating environment. The daily scheduled is dictated by each individual child. Therefore, we ask that you provide a brief, written daily schedule that we can follow accordingly.

Infant – Full or Part time: $196.00/week
Infant/Younger or Older Toddler Sibling Discount: $176.00/week

Toddler Program

Our three toddler rooms include children 12 months through 36 months of age. Toddlers learn at an incredible rate; and it is essential that we provide a stimulating, safe environment. Each classroom has developmentally appropriate toys and equipment.

Younger Toddler – Full or Part time: $196.00/week
Older Toddler – Full time: $191.00/week
Infant/Younger or Older Toddler Sibling Discount: $176.00/week
Older Toddler – 3 Days per week: $171.00

Preschool Program

It is required by the Butler YMCA Early Learning Center program for children to be potty trained before entering preschool. (The classrooms do not have individual bathrooms, the teachers take groups of children throughout the day to the bathroom). The preschool children will have the opportunity to take advantage of our swimming pool on Fridays for lessons by the Aquatic Department.

Pre-School – Full time: $165.00/week
Sibling: $140.00/week
Part time (3 days per week): $135.00/week

Please note: There is an initial $30.00 registration fee for all ages

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Early Care and School Age Center
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Hours of Operation: 6:30am to 5:30pm
Care for children from infancy through school age.
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For information about the Early Care and School Age Center, please send an email to Andrea Heist at