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What is the best way to learn about programs and the facility?

Browse the website or pick up the latest copy of the Y program brochure. By accessing the website, you can actually register for programs and there are directions on how to proceed. You can always ask one of the helpful Y staff for information. If you wish to speak with a Director regarding the Y, call 724.287.4733 and ask to speak with the appropriate Director listed below.

Sandra Ihlenfeld Executive Director  x115

Mark Molnar Property Manager  x118

Heidi Nicholls Bowser Membership Director x113

Nicole Parrish Aquatics Director  x138

Rachel Pazzaglia, MEd Clinical Director, Reach & Rise®  x136

Chelsy Olsen Development Specialist  x131

Julie Saeler Healthy Living Director  x147

Natalie Sferra Senior Child Care Director  x130


How much does membership cost?

Please check our Membership Types & Rates page for more information.


What are the building hours?

Monday–Thursday 5:00am – 10:00pm (both pools open at 5:30am)
Friday & Saturday  5:00am – 9:00pm (both pools open at 5:30am)
Sunday 11:00am – 6:00pm


What does ‘draft’ mean as a way to pay for a membership?

A draft is when you have your monthly payment debited on the 1st or 15th of the month. You can use your checking account, credit card, or debit card as a method of payment.


Do I need my Membership ID card to get in?

Yes, it will be quicker and easier if you do. Your card will be scanned each and every time you come in so we have a record of your attendance, which will be beneficial if your insurance is paying a portion of your membership. If you forget your ID, you may have to wait in line at the front desk, complete a request for a “pink card” and be processed before you can enter the facility.


What do I do if I lost my Membership ID Card?

You may purchase a new card for $5 at the Welcome Desk.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time, however, we do require a seven (7) day written request for termination. See our Membership Termination Policy.

Do I need to register for classes or programs?

Members can drop into group exercise classes at any time, provided the class does not have a required registration. Some classes are for members only, and some are open to non-members as well. Please see the program guide or ask for details on an individual class.


Are there special benefits to a Butler Y member?

Absolutely! You will receive 3 guest passes per year, preferred member fees for programs, online program registration, Free “Play Place” (see below), a variety of group exercise and water fitness classes, free use of the outdoor pool at ARMCO Park, SMART Start wellness orientation, room rentals, youth & family social activities and member appreciation events.


Where can I park?

The Y has a convenient parking lot adjacent to the facility and one across Washington Street beside Emily Brittain School. Metered parking is available on the side streets surrounding the building.


What is the Special Needs Locker Room?

Special Needs Locker Rooms are also known as family locker rooms and are located across from the McLaughlin pool. Inside each locker room is a baby changing area, shower and toilet. Lockers are located in the hall outside the locker room. This locker room area is designated for those who have special needs. Special needs include: physically or mentally challenged individuals or groups, or parents bringing opposite gender children under the age of 6. All other participants and members should use the regular locker rooms.


Is the Y handicapped accessible?

Parking for people with disabilities and an entry access ramp is located adjacent to the entrance. An elevator is available for access to the pool level and second floor. Both pools have accessibility lifts. The Special Needs Locker Rooms are also available. For any special needs, contact the Membership Director.


What is a Health Insurance based membership?

The YMCA participates in SilverSneakers® Tivity Health and Silver&Fit®. Seniors covered by certain insurance plans may be eligible to apply for a YMCA membership. Please check with your insurance carrier. As a YMCA member through SilverSneakers® Tivity Health or Silver&Fit®, you can take advantage of all the classes the YMCA offers, including both land and water classes.  Please be sure to bring your insurance card with you.  If you have questions about SilverSneakers® Tivity Health or Silver&Fit®, please call the YMCA at 724.287.4733 x0.  Active Older Adult group exercise classes are appropriate for older adults who are fit and active, as well as hose who are sedentary, intimidated, unfamiliar with exercise, entering post-rehabilitation program and ALL those who enjoy a positive, upbeat social environment.

What are the babysitting (Play Place) hours?

Play Place is a short term (2 hours max) designated area to leave your children while you work out. It’s FREE to Members only. Play Place is located conveniently across from the Youth Center. Parents must be in the building while child in Play Place.

Hours of Play Place Operation
Monday – Friday Mornings – 9:00am – 12:15pm (begins 1-2-18)
Saturday Mornings – 8:00am – 11:00am
Monday through Thursday Evenings – 4:00pm – 8:30pm

Are there any special facility rules?

Yes, there are rules for safety and operation of the pools, Wellness Center and gyms. View our Code of Conduct for details.

What’s the policy on bringing a guest?

View our Guest Pass information.

Can I come in or bring a friend in just for a day?

View our One-Day Membership information.

Can my child’s grandparent/caregiver/nanny bring them to swim lessons or other programs such as Gymnastics or Basketball?

Yes. Caregivers are able to accompany children to swim lessons and other Y programs. However, to use the Y without the children, she/he would need to have a membership.


Can I use other YMCAs?

As a benefit of a YMCA membership, bring your membership card and photo ID and enjoy free access to almost every YMCA in the United States. YMCA members must utilize their home branches at least 51% of the time. SilverSneakers® and Silver&Fit® members do not qualify. Please call the YMCA you plan to visit for schedules and to confirm participation, as some restrictions may apply.

What is included in the Health Center Membership?

Benefits are free towel service, steam room access, hair dryers, larger lockers, even small locker rentals for just $1.25/mo. Women’s Health Center also has sauna room access.


Do you have a towel I can use?

Yes. You can rent a towel for .50 cents for the day


Can I use the gyms?

Of course! Our basketball courts and gym space is available to all members, so long as no class is using the space. Please see our current gym schedules for details. Gym Schedules (revised 11-26-18)

Do you have racquetball courts?

Racquetball courts are located on the second floor between the 2 gyms. Reservations can be made by telephone 724.287.4733 or in person at the Welcome Desk. Reservations will be accepted Monday through Thursday from 5:00am until 9:00pm, Friday and Saturday from 5:00am until 8:00pm (and on Sunday’s when open) up to 48 hours in advance.


Do I need a locker?

YES! They are free and maximize the safety of your personal belongings. Bring your own lock or locks available for purchase at the Y. Coats and bags are not to be stored on the floor anywhere in the building, since they present a trip hazard, a possibility for theft and are unsightly. Cubbie storage bins are available in the Wellness Center for water bottles (spill proof container please), light items such as fleece or sweat shirts and towels. Members who choose the Health Center option can purchase kit lockers (small box lockers) for small personal items. Keep in mind, all full size lockers are for day use only and items must be removed after use. The Y is not responsible for any lost or stolen items and using a locker will minimize that issue.

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Which pool is best for me?

Why both of them, of course! Pool 1 has a water temperature of approximately 80 degrees and is used for lap swimming, SCUBA instruction and youth and adult swimming lessons. The McLaughlin Pool is 89 degrees and is used for adult beginner swim lessons, child swim lessons and adult classes such as Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program. Adjacent to the McLaughlin Pool is the whirlpool with a water temperature of 104 degrees.  Pool Schedules


How do I sign my kids up for swim lessons and gymnastic lessons?

You can register at our Welcome Desk or online. Gymnastic lessons are included as part of the family memberships.


Do you offer private lessons or other programs?

Yes. We offer private and semi-private lessons for all ages for swimming, in addition to our group lessons. These are scheduled directly with the Aquatics Director.


Do I need to sign up for the water exercise classes?

No, simply drop-in. Limit of 25 people in a class. You may sign-up for a class any time the day of the class at the Welcome Desk.  All Pool 2 classes require a ticket upon sign-in. Once class is full, no additional tickets will be issued.


What is open swim vs. lap swim on the schedule?

Lap swimming is consistent swimming back and forth in the pool. Open swim is available for those who want to do their own water exercise routine, families who want to ‘play’ in the water, etc.


Do I need to wear a swim cap in the pool?

No. We do ask you to tie back your hair if it is shoulder length or longer.


Can I rent the pool for a splash party (or just rent a room)?

View the Facility/Birthday Rental Information.


Do you have a whirlpool?

Yes, the whirlpool may be used by any member over the age of 18.


What are the requirements for kids in the pool who are not yet potty-trained?

Children need to wear a swim diaper and bathing suit. This is very important. If we have an accident in the pool, we have to close it for 24 hours.




Aquatic safety at our pools is our first priority. All children ages 12 years and younger must participate in a swimming skills assessment and will be provided a colored wristband based on their swimming ability. Once tested, each time a child comes into the Y for open swim they will need to acquire their color appropriate wristband from the Welcome Desk when checking in. Complete details are available on our Test.Mark.Protect page.

Please contact Nicole Parrish, Aquatics Director, with any questions.


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How do I sign up for the SMART Start program?

You can sign-up for an appointment at the desk in our Wellness Center.

What do you have that’s good for a beginner?

We have many classes for all levels. You will see 1-Beginner, 2-Intermediate and 3-Advanced noted below each class on the group exercise schedule. Feel free to inquire with our membership or healthy living staff to make a suggestion based on your interests.  New to Exercise and Active Older Adult Schedule


How do I sign up for . . . personal training, fitness assessments, etc.?

Just stop by the Wellness Center and we’ll get you started by filling out the registration forms. Then, someone in the Healthy Living Department will call to schedule your appointment.  Click HERE to see which Personal Trainer might have expertise to suit your individual needs!

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How can I join a league (youth or adult)?

You can register online or at our Welcome Desk.


How do I know what sports are offered at different times of the year?

You may pick-up a program brochure at our Welcome Desk or view it on our website. This brochure lists all of the programs being offered as well as descriptions and schedules for each.


Are YMCA sports competitive?

Adult programs are competitive. Youth sports programs are all fundamental and instructional recreational leagues.

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What is the Youth Center?

What activities do you offer that families can do together?

We offer a variety of special events geared towards families throughout the year, such as our various holiday special events and Healthy Kids Day. Other activities include craft and game nights, family cooking classes, and family swims. For families with older kids, we encourage you to take group exercise classes together, take a group cycling class, play basketball together, and find other healthy activities you enjoy together.  Click HERE to visit our family page which features all the upcoming family activities!

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