Ages: 5 – 12 years old
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Spring Session (CYCLE 3)

Classes run April 24 to June 18, 2017

Summer Session (CYCLE 4)

Member Registration: June 12-July 8, 2017
Non-Member Registration: June 15-July 8, 2017
Classes run July 9 to September 2, 2017

Fall Session I (CYCLE 5)

Member Registration: August 28-September 2, 2017
Non-Member Registration: August 31-September 2, 2017
Classes run September 3 to October 28, 2017


Please visit our Child Care page for complete details or call the Child Care Office at 724-287-0045.




Please contact Ryan Good, Aquatics Director, with Aquatic Programming questions at 724.287.4733 x138.




Aquatic safety at our pools is our first priority. All children ages 12 years and younger must participate in a swimming skills assessment and will be provided a colored wristband based on their swimming ability. Once tested, each time a child comes into the Y for open swim they will need to acquire their color appropriate wristband from the Membership Desk when checking in. Complete details are available on our Test.Mark.Protect page.

Please contact Ryan Good, Aquatics Director, with any questions.


Butler YMCA Barracuda Swim Team

Spring Swim 2017

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The Butler YMCA, in conjunction with Scott’s Scuba Service, is teaming up to conduct a Scuba Diving Certification Course here at the YMCA.  The course is divided into three learning aspects; learning the theory of diving in the classroom and skill development in the pool at the YMCA.  The final aspect takes place at Scott’s Scuba private diving lake in the Slippery Rock area.  This is where you will make the transition from what you learned at the YMCA into a local diving environment.  The course takes place over five sessions from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  The program is 100% all inclusive in the pricing with absolutely nothing to purchase.  The course is open for ages 10 years and older.  All registration and questions should be directed to Scott’s Scuba Service in Freeport, PA.

For ages 10 and older.  A parent must take the class with any child ages 10 or 11.

Scuba Handout

Next Class Date:
March 18-April 29, 2017

Contact:  724.295.3500


Parent Letter with Swim Lesson Information

ONE Aquatic class per person, per cycle.  Swim lessons run for 7 weeks and report cards will be distributed during week 6.  If you want to sign up after the first day of class, you must obtain written permission from the Aquatics Director prior to registering for class.  NO exceptions.


Private Swim Lessons
Private swim lessons for youth to adults who are interested in learning to swim or water safety.  We have instructors who can accommodate those with learning disabilities or physical impairments.  Lessons are available by appointment only.

For more information about this program, contact Ryan Good, Aquatics Director.

Fee: $17.50|Member      $20|Non-Member for 30 minutes OR
$115|Member         $125|Non-Member for seven 30-minute lessons

STAGE 1: WATER ACCLIMATION  (formerly Polliwog)
Ages 5-12 years. Increases comfort with underwater exploration and introduces basic self-rescue skills performed with assistance.

Monday: 5:35-6:05pm
Tuesday: 5:35-6:05pm  |  6:10-6:40pm
Wednesday: 5:00-5:30pm
Thursday: 6:10-6:40pm
Saturday: 9:00-9:30am

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STAGE 2: WATER  MOVEMENT  (formerly Advanced Polliwog)
Ages 5-12 years. Encourages forward movement in water and basic self-rescue skills performed independently.

Monday: 6:10-6:40pm
Tuesday: 6:10-6:40pm
Thursday: 5:00-5:30pm
Saturday: 9:35-10:05am 

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STAGE 3: WATER  STAMINA  (formerly Guppy)
Ages 5-12 years.  Develops intermediate self-rescue skills performed at longer distances than in previous stages. 

Tuesday: 6:45-7:15pm
Wednesday: 5:00-5:30pm  |  6:10-6:40pm
Thursday: 5:35-6:05pm
Saturday: 10:10-10:40am

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Ages 5-12 years. Introduces basic stroke technique in front crawl and back crawl and reinforces water safety through treading water and elementary backstroke.

Monday: 5:00-5:30pm
Tuesday: 5:00-5:30pm
Wednesday: 5:35-6:05pm
Thursday: 6:10-6:40pm
Saturday: 10:45-11:15am

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Ages 5-12 years.  Introduces breast-stroke and butterfly and reinforces water safety through treading water and sidestroke.

Tuesday: 5:35-6:05pm
Wednesday: 5:35-6:05pm  |  6:45-7:15pm
Thursday: 5:00-5:30pm  |  6:45-7:15pm
Saturday: 11:20-11:50am

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STAGE 6: STROKE MECHANICS (formerly Flying Fish)
Ages 5-12 years.  Refines stroke technique on all major competitive strokes and encourages swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday: 5:00-5:30pm
Wednesday: 6:10-6:40pm
Thursday: 5:35-6:05pm  |  6:45-7:15pm

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Ages 5-12 years. For children who can swim 50 yards each: fly, back, breast, & crawl

Tuesday: 6:45-7:15pm

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Jr. Barracudas
This is a program for youth ages 5-10 years old who want to learn the skills necessary to successfully enter a swim team.  Must be Minnow level or above.  Jr. Barracudas is designed as a beginner level swim team preparation course. All youth will have special instruction on stroke refinement, racing starts, flip turns and structured workouts from our experienced instructors.

Prerequisites: Must be able to complete 25 yards (without stopping) of freestyle with rotary breathing and backstroke. In addition, 10 yards each of breaststroke and butterfly, with an understanding of the strokes.

Monday & Wednesday: 6:45-7:15pm

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Please contact Jamie Knauff, Sport & Family Director, at with any Sports and/or Family programming related questions.  Seven Pillars of Youth Sports.

Birthday Parties

The YMCA offers a variety of theme Birthday Party Packages for members and non-members on weekends that are sure to be a hit for your special event!  Security deposit and payment required.  Call the YMCA at 724.287.4733 x112 to schedule your party today!




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Mothers Day Canvas Painting17

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Youth Wellness Center Certification
Ages 11-15 years old-Members only. Learn the proper use of selectorized equipment and youth-appropriate cardiovascular equipment. Attendance in this 8-week class earns certification and access to the Wellness Center without accompanying parent.  Must attend all 8 sessions to be certified.  Once class per week, choose your day!

Tuesday or Wednesday:  4:45pm-5:30pm

Session 3 begins the week of April 24, 2017

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Youth Wellness Center Policy

Youth members 11-15 years of age are permitted to use the Wellness Center with a Wellness Center Youth Certification or with a parent or Personal Trainer.

Youth members 11-15 of age who have completed a Wellness Center Youth Certification, must wear their Youth ID badge to designate the age appropriate area of usage as follows:

* Youth 11-13 years of age may use the track, bikes and weight machines.

* Youth 14-15 years of age may use all cardiovascular equipment and weight    machines.

Youth members 11-15 years of age who are supervised by a parent or a YMCA Personal Trainer (must be within arms length) can use all Wellness Center equipment.

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Participants will learn a dance routine to perform at the Memorial Day parade, Butler Blue Sox games and halftime and sideline dances at YMCA basketball games.  Uniforms will be an additional cost.  Fundraising opportunities will be available.
Who:  Youth ages 7 & older (limited to first 35 girls)
Registration:  Now to April 10, 2017
Date/Time:  Mondays from 5:30pm-6:30pm
Season:  April 24 through November 25, 2017
Fee:  $100|Member     $120|Non-Member


Who:  Youth ages 6-9  from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Youth ages 10+ from 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Session:  April 28-June 16, 2017
Fee per clinic:  $35|Member   $65|Non-Member
Youth will learn basic ballet dance steps.  7 weeks.

Who:  Youth ages 6-9  from 6:45pm to 7:45pm
Youth ages 10+ from 7:45pm to 8:45pm
Session:  April 24-June 12, 2017
Fee per clinic:  $35|Member   $65|Non-Member
Youth will learn basic jazz and hip hop dance steps.  7 weeks.

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Level 1
Ages 5+ years old. This class will introduce kids to basic gymnastics skills such as beginning cartwheels, arches, beam skills and rolling & jumping movements.

Tuesday: 4:30-5:30pm |  5:30-6:30pm
Thursday: 6:15-7:15pm

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Level 2
This class is for children who are starting to learn cartwheels, split techniques, forward & backward rolls, arches, handstands and kickovers.

Tuesday: 5:15-6:15pm  |  6:30-7:30pm
Thursday: 4:30-5:30pm

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Level 3
Ages 5+ years old. Children will refine their beginning skills & develop new skills.  Must have prior gymnastics experience.  New skills will include running round-offs, arch back stand up and back walkovers.

Thursday: 5:15-6:15pm

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Pre-Level 4
This class is for those kids who have taken Level 3 but are not yet ready for Level 4. Will provide an emphasis on proper form and technique of old skills with progression toward new skills.  New skills include back & extension rolls & progressions to connect skills.

Thursday: 6:15-7:15pm

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Level 4
Ages 5+ years old. This class provides an emphasis of old skills with progression toward new skills, which include back tucks, standing roundoff back tucks & roundoff back handspring back tucks, front & back handsprings, aerials and front tumbling.

Thursday: 7:15-8:15pm

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Youth Karate
Ages 6-13 years old. Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art that focuses on the whole person along with self-defense skills.  Instruction is on an individual level and each student trains within his/her ability to meet the curriculum requirements to achieve rank.

Youth students are trained with safety in mind. Students are taught how to avoid dangerous situations, how to avoid bullies and gain confidence to stand up for themselves.  Character qualities are also taught, such as discipline, self-control, integrity, respect and leadership.

Classes are offered on a monthly basis and run year-round.  Registration is open from the 15th to the last day of every month.  Participants must register prior to each new session or a $10 late fee will apply.

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After School Adventures
Crafts, tutoring, games and much MORE! Class meets in the Youth & Family Center.  Free for Y members ages 6 and up, but please register.
Who: Youth ages 6 and older
Day:  Monday through Thursday
Time: 3:45pm-5:00pm
3:45-4:15pm  School work
M/W  4:15-5:00pm  Gym Games
T/TH  4:15-5:00pm  Crafts, Science and games

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Learn to design a dress, prepare for a fashion show and make new friends! Participants will have the chance to re-design a dress and then show it off in a fashion show! Who:  Youth ages 6 and older
Day/Time: Thursday from 6pm-7pm
Date:  April 27-June 8, 2017 (7 weeks)
Registration:  April 17-22, 2017
Fee:  $25|Member   $45|Non-member

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NEW!  Private Sports Lessons
Private sports lessons for youth who are 5+ years of age.  These lessons are designed to give your child extra practice with specific skills with a YMCA instructor.  Lessons are available by appointment only.  For more information about this program, contact Jamie Knauff, Sport & Family Director.

$17.50|Member      $20|Non-Member for 30 minutes
$35.00|Member      $40|Non-Member for 60 minutes
$115|Member         $125|Non-Member for seven 30-minute lessons

Youth Baseball League
Who:  Youth ages 5-7 for Coach Pitch
Registration:  February 20 to April 17, 2017
Dates:  Wednesday evenings May 3 – July 12, 2017 (no games July 5)  (10 weeks)
Location:  Alameda Park
Coaches meeting:  Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 7:00pm
Fee:     $55|Member    $70|Non-Member

Baseball Clinic
Date:  Sunday, April 30, 2017
Time:  2:00pm to 3:30pm
Location:  Butler YMCA
Fee:  $10 for Y Baseball League participants only

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Youth Volleyball League
Who:  Youth ages 7-11
Season:  Friday evenings March 3-May 19, 2017

Youth Volleyball League Schedule



The YMCA Junior Sports programs are designed to teach children the fundamentals of each sport while having FUN.  Each sport runs for 6 weeks.

Junior Champs Hockey
Who:  Youth ages 5-7
Dates:   April 22 to May 27, 2017
Time:  Saturdays from 2:45pm-3:45pm
Fee:  $35|Member    $60|Non-Member


Summer Hoops (June-August)
Fall Basketball Drills & Skills (Sept-Nov)
Youth Basketball League (Sept-Dec)
Flag Football League (Dec-Feb)
Soccer Drills & Skills (Jan-Feb)
Winter Cheer (Jan-Mar)
Indoor Soccer League (Jan-Mar)
Winter Basketball League (Feb-Mar)
Winter Basketball Drills & Skills (Feb-Apr)
Volleyball Drills & Skills (Mar-Apr)
Junior Champs Track & Field (Mar-Apr)
Diamond Cheer Squad
Diamond Dance Squad
Cook With Me (ages 5-7)
Cupcake Makers (ages 8-12)
Mini-Me Cupcake Makers (ages 5-7)
Li’l Chefs (ages 8-12)


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Health educationCERTIFICATIONS

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