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Child Care and Early Learning Center


Is your child already part of our Child Care programs?


Why should you choose the Butler YMCA Child Care & Early Learning Center?


A Healthy Mind

Your child will enjoy a wide variety of mind enriching activities that encourage creativity and individuality.


A Strong Body

Your child will be involved in playful activities that develop motor skills and increase your child’s physical confidence.


A Healthy Spirit

Your child will be in a warm and supportive environment which fosters the development of a healthy self-esteem and encourages personal growth.


A Safe Environment

Your child will be guided and cared for by teachers selected because of their training, certification and remarkable sensitivity to the needs of your child.


Peace of Mind

Next to your love and care, enrolling your child at our Early Learning Center is the best thing you can do for your child this year.

What our parents are saying

“The Butler YMCA Early Learning Center has been a wonderful home away from home for my two children (ages 2 & 5). The teachers and staff are excellent. They are very attentive and compassionate and treat your children as if they are their own. I know my children have benefited greatly from being in their care. My son is learning something new every day and my daughter is almost swimming independently from the weekly swim lessons. I also enjoy receiving pictures and updates throughout the day from the Tadpoles app. I couldn’t imagine my children going anywhere else.”
–The Gatto Family

See For Yourself

The best way to experience the Butler YMCA Child Care & Early Learning Center
is with a guided tour. We’re excited to meet you and your family.

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