Childcare Forms

New Enrollment Forms

1. Emergency Contact and Parental Consent Form

This form provides us with emergency contact information, it tells us who aside from the parents are allowed to pick up the child. 

Please note: Each field must be completed. Please use N/A as needed. 


2. Child Care Daxko Registration Form

This form gives us the information needed to register you and your child into our billing system. You only need to complete one form for the entire family.


3. Child Health Report

This form must be completed by a health care professional within 30 days of enrollment. If your child is school age they will only need a new actual physical if they are entering kindergarten or 6th grade. Please include a copy of the immunization records. 


4. Preferred Payment Method Agreement

This form is to tell us how you would like to be billed. All fees are due the Friday prior to the week of care. Payments can only be made by direct payment on either Checking Account or Credit Card.


5. Parent Statement of Undertanding & Waiver of Liability

This form is about the safety and protection of your child. Please read thoroughly and sign. 


6. Parent Code of Conduct 

Please read our code of conduct thoroghly and sign. To view the complete childcare handbook, please click here. 

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